The CRAP that they call the “News”

I am sick of reading about Lindsay Lohan.  I am sick of reading about Chaz Bono. Here in Kansas City’s Hell’s Kitchen is another day of unbelievable struggle.  Tall Deb’s liver is gone..”Kansas Shitty, Misery” is what she calls this place.  A bunch of people got shot up this weekend..but it don’t even make the fine print on the back page.

Meanwhile, the “News” has articles like ..”The Five Things You need to know about Lindsay Lohan’s judge”.

Then there’s John Edwards wife..I am supposed to feel sorry for her.  With the settlement from John Edwards, the pampered bitch will live a life that people in this ‘hood would never dream of, could never even conceive of.

I mean, really.  The United States is just as lopsided and absurd as any country in the world.  It’s a three ringed fuckin’ circus. Of constant wrangling.  It is the strangest mosaic as I go down to the V.A. center and talk to the people.  People went through, and are going through hell from the activities of the miltiary..and what do they get for it?

The focus is glued on Lindsay Lohan, a drunk bitch.  There are PLENTY o’ those around..sheesh.  Maybe the attention makes her money or something.  I would have second thoughts, if I were here.  There are plenty of drunk and addicted women to choose from.  There are LOTS of pretty girls.  LOTS of them.  They are a dime a dozen.

Then there is the field day they are having with Mel Gibson.  Hmm.. he was yelling at his G.F. about her breast implants.  So what? Man SO .. WHAT? Divorce him..sheesh.

MEANWHILE..people around here are getting it in just about every form imaginable. Cancer spreading all over them.  Hopeless drug addicts.  Victims of industrial accidents.  With us regular people..there is NO FUCKIN’ MERCY AT ALL.  So why does the TVEee stations like Faux News keep bombarding me with all the crap I am supposed to be so concerned about?  If they showed the TV station being a smoking hole in the ground, why ..I don’t know if I would be overjoyed, or totally indifferent.  That’s what Amerika’s Fourth Estate does to real people.  They ignore them.

We are supposed to live vicariously and feel the emotions, as directed by the good people of Faux News, CNN and all the rest.

The BBC documentaries of life in the USA might be closer to the “real” news than the bullshit that I see on the TV, especially the despicable Fox News.  Fox News is like a clown show with mediocre people like Dennis Miller an Bill O’Reilly.  As they “cut up” Obama with their silly nonsense.  These people contribute absolutely NOTHING to the world, and rake in the cash. ONLY in America.  The more I see Fox News, the more I support Obama.

Sorry ass news, for the sorry ass place that the USA is.


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