Bremer’s Chicken Tikka Masala from Aldi

Just tried some of this at $2.50.  Pretty good! If you have a taste for India food, like I do, you will appreciate it.   Hope they are still stocking it ‘cos I am gonna load up.  Gourmets might sneer at it..but it is the real’s like I’ve got in the curry restaurants I’ve sampled.

I want to learn to make this from scratch.  Love it.’s CHEAP! 🙂  One thing mine was kind of watery..there was not enough rice with it..I think I got a defective pack.

The local ALDI carries several dishes in this line..Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Pad Thai, etc.  Aldi actually has lots of sort of exotic frozen foods these days.  Schnitzel,  deep dish pizzas, etc.  Not bad, and the price is right.  Gonna load up on ’em tomorrow, along with a supply of frozen hash browns.


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