I have used Joomla for about a year now..and recommend it. It’s the best thing out there.. love it, and have been working with it all weekend on my website.  Best thing out is much easier to work with than the old DHTML, HTML, and the rest.  LOve it.

I tried a few others, such as Drupal, but why waste time?  Joomla has the most plug ins, and works the best.  Lots of free templates, and if you don’t like them, you can buy Artisteer, which is good for making the Joomla templates.

What more could you ask for?  Joomla’s the best.  It solves all of the problems that took me hours to figure out.  Putting up a download page, displaying video, and redesigning the site.  It has a few quirks, but there are far more plug ins and components written for Joomla than any other CMS, most of them available for free.  It is the “Linux” of the CMS community.

I could write more, but why?  Joomla is the best one.  Most users will only use a fraction of the power available in the CMS anyway.  The price is right…man.. I LOVE IT.. LOVE YOU and THANK you JOOMLA!!

A great product to have is Artisteer.  The reason I never cottoned to Drupal is the lack of spiffy templates.  Joomla had LOTS more, but Artisteer will make templates for them.  The CMS’ are tough to hack.  Artisteer, to my knowledge, is the only product that makes it easy to do.

You can still use your DHMTL, FLASH, and Javascript with the CMS’.  They really cut the time down in the maintenance of the site.  They really help if you want to expand or to shrink the site.


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