The Way the World REALLY Works

The way the world REALLY works. Workplaces are like these bureaucracies.  There’s plenty o’ skullduggery just about every where you go.  People MEAN well.. but no one has a handle on “truth”.  It is about presenting this constant, watered down, pollyanna truth about life, and about how people really are.

I guess the TRUTH is… what actually happens.  Much is written about the things that people do to one another. There are the obvious historical events.. wars, conflicts.  American workplaces are like models such as the “Peter Principle”.

Myself, I have been both the “Pet” and the “Goat” in workplaces.  R.Don Steele’s books are great, and I see them in action.  I rarely watch TV, but read on the internet, and listen to audio novels or music.  The “news” is crammed down people’s throat, and so is what is good, and what is bad.

Drugs are just the tip of the iceberg as to the way people in the USA …DO IT to one another, every single day. As far as a depression or recession, I’ve seen that all my life.  So this blog is about URBAN SURVIVAL. The halls of a company of corporate weasels is no different than the drug dealers and prostitutes out on the street.

I’ve worked in the trucking industry for 20 years.  A bunch o’ lyin’ mo fo’s.  Few people realize the scams that go on in this industry.  As a matter of fact, if people knew what went on, they would be scared to death to drive on the interstate.

I think the world is full of crazy people, that is what I think.  That is why the governments are all so crazy.  It is not only in the governments, but all over the place.  It is scary, since we live in a age of communication, and where everything we have, is touched by someone else.

People are goddam selfish, and care only about their own agenda.  Perhaps this is the way to put it.  They use each other horribly.  In the street, in the workplace, and in the family.

This is not a good world, but a bunch of shit.  The “could be worse” philosophy is the milk that I use, to hang on in this “psycho world”.

The workplace in many of our corporate hell holes is a competitive place, not a place of creation.  It’s called sucking ass, and being congruent.

I love the way the cop novels put it.  “Everybody lies”…that’s the first thing you find out,  everybody lies.


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