Audio Drama

I work on my Joomla website, the radio site at  Right now I am listening to a story from the “Hermit’s Cave”.  I am drinking my own coffee.  The way I like it, which is better than almost any coffee that I can get out on the road.  I am sitting here, butt naked, in the cool of my own house.

I love audio.  I passed my A+,INET+, and NET+ by making audio tapes that I played over and over again.  I used several methods.  Dan Lee Dimke’s method.  NLP and other methods.   I read so much, I wonder that I can remember it all.  Everyone does.  I passed them quickly, in about 40 days, but lost interest when AT&T wouldn’t promote me from the hell of their call center, listening to people bitch about their phone bills.

Even Kissy Chris.  She’s deep as a well.  She don’t like the same stuff that I do.. but she reads all the time.  I wonder where she is now.  I am tired of worrying about her.  I worry about everyone all the time, and pray for other people.  My Aunt Norma Melton.. sick with cancer.  My sister, who just got out of the hospital.  It’s such a .. SOAP opera.

OOOoo..the goose bumps. I am listening to “The Reflected Image” from Hermit’s Cave..and don’t believe I am getting goose bumps.  I love Art.  I wonder what lasts longer, art or techology?

With all the video that is available, I wonder at myself and why I like audio so much.  Well I like video.  But Audio you can do other things as you listen.  A book, you can pick up, put down, pick up, put down. Books are the best, when you get into them.  Some books, like “Shogun” and “Tai Pan” I could NOT put down.

Real life has it’s drama, no matter who you are.  Relatives die.  There are accidents, sickness, and other problems.  I will tell you- the time when my bowels started working again after hernia that was a happy day.   Or surviving a visit to the terrifying dentist.  There is even a story about an evil dentist on Nightfall, and it’s a good story.


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