Gary Renard- Disappearance of the Universe AudioBook Review

Another Audio… this seems to be a great remake, or version of, the famous “Course in Miracles”.

A Course in Miracles.. is a famous book that many spiritualists have spun out of.  It’ a great book, but the audio version is quite boring.  This seems a vast improvement over the original.  I am going to make Kissy Chris listen to it.

Shit things are going bad.. they are always blowing up.  If it is not lack of money, it is crime and illness, accidents, and disappointments.  I will finish this up, the Audiobook is long, but he is doing a good job of narration.  It is NOT a verbatim reading of “A Course In Miracles’.. but a illustration of the principles.

His diction is good, and understandable, and he has co-narrators that jump in and speak. Lots better than the old “course in miracles.”

Hmm..the book goes on about how we create our reality.  Boy I wish I could create a new one.  I like the casual manner of this book, and the way it is presenteed… “You are paralyzed by fear..”  and “..being the guilty bastard that you are, you think you are gonna be punished big time!”……….”People do not know what they are doing to their own minds when they judge and condemn others.”

Forgiveness is a big part of the “Course in Miracles”.  I am still listening to it.  I keep calling it “A Course in Miracles”..but the real title is “Disappearance of the Universe”.

You save the world with forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a big part of this philosophy.  Obtaining a condition where you cannot suffer is the goal.  I am listening to this as I type.  It’s pretty good, a better explanation than the “Course in Miracles”.

It is good.  It’s about maturity and of your mind and emotions.  So far.. I am only on the first CD’s.  It is MUCH better..hands down better, than the original “Course in Miracles”.

This is NOT another.. “manifest wealth out of the Universe” type book like Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer.  Nope.  It’s about dealing with your emotions..among other things.

I like the way that he uses several narrators (three total), to play the roles, and it makes the Audio book MUCH MUCH better.  They ALL should be this way.


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