Bremer’s Chicken Vindaloo at Aldi’s

Bremer’s Chicken Vindaloo.. I picked one of these up today.  Cost about $2.45 and worth it. I had tried the other Bremer India cuisine entrees,  Tika Masala, and Butter chicken.  This was the best one.  Pretty good stuff for the price.  This is a little spicier than the other two, and the best one that I have tried so far.  Bremer’s has another one out, Chicken Pad Thai.  I’ve never tasted Pad Thai before, so this will be the first time I try it.

Unless you have had Indian Curry before, I do not know how to describe it.  It has a medium curry taste, and is a little spicy.  There are carrots, potatoes, and very nice chunks of white chicken in it, along with rice (but not basmati rice).  The Butter Chicken has basmati rice in it.

I know one thing, it sure beats the standard TV dinners.  I don’t think it would please gourmets and purists, but I certainly enjoyed it and will buy it again.  It is authentic in that, yes it is genuine curry.  It was quite tasty and I am going to load up on it next time I go to Aldi’s.


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