Deeper than Dead- Tami Hoag Review

I am listening to.. “Deeper than Dead” a novel by Tami Hoag. Five stars by golly.   Read by Kirsten Potter and WHAT a fine job of narration.  I especially liked the way she does the FBI profiler character..most narrators have a little trouble with gender crossovers.  Kirsten does a great job.

What a great story, and I love the way Tami Hoag describes things and the dialog of the characters.   The action is very believable for a murder’s VERY believable and the book slowly sucks you in.  It’s great…LOVE it.

TAMI HOAG compares very favorably to Patricia Cornwell,   actually better.  Her use of metaphor and descriptive language is very witty, though not as elaborate as James Lee Burke.  Describing a domineering woman… “he was probably afraid he’d be hung up on the rafters and imbedded with her eggs.”   Something along this line.  GREAT.  Good descriptions but succinct.  James Lee Burke will write a paragraph describing the pallor of a character’s skin.

No details of the plot!  You can find them online..but I HATE to reveal the plot.  It’s about…families…the new science of profiling..set in a upscale California town.

I love the way Tami Hoag waits the whole book to reveal the killer.. I have not actually finished the book,  I am on the last 10% of the book, and there are still several possibilities.   GREAT.   I love Tami Hoag’s dialog.  She switches from the romance novel descriptions of sex, to much more profane dialog with ease.  She is witty with her metaphors.  She is descriptive, but not with a overkill.

Also she does not “cheat”.  For example, Agatha Christie will keep things from the reader as we try to guess which character is the villain.  Hercule Poirot will reveal something that he found out by contacting interpol, and a totally unrelated character will be the murderer.  Patricia Cornwell did the same thing in one book. where a character that was completely undeveloped was introduced at the last minute, and found to be the perpetrator.  Actually- I think many of Agatha Christies stories are lame, quite lame.  Sort of just ..put together.  Even Cornwell’s are sometimes lame.   Cornwell’s are interesting because of the many technical facts that are included.  Often her stories are lame.  Especially the one where the terrorist plot in one of the books, Patricia is getting kind of wild.  One book, called the “Last Precinct” criticized because of the depth it went into about Kay Scarpetta’s feelings and personal life, but I thought this one of the best ones.  Also, how she focuses on the more negative aspects of the characters that are the protagonists.  I like Patricia Cornwell.

Very realistic, very good.  A refreshing break from my steady diet of Patricia Cornwell.  At first, I listened to a few sentences, then I put it down.  I have a ton of audiobooks I take with me to listen to.  Then, I really gave it a listen, and boy I did not have to “try”.  Audio books are a little different.  A lot depends on the narrator, and the style of the writer.  Tami Hoag’s sentences and descriptions are crisp, and very clever.   This story was believable, and very interesting.


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