Patricia Cornwell Books on the Road

Boy I listen to these a lot, so they must be good. I listened to “Unnatural Exposure“, pretty good.. some disease mixed in there as in Robin Cook.   I listend to “Black Notice” – pretty good, about a freak I am listening to “The Last Precinct”.  The “Last Precinct” her writing seems to have sharpened.   More skillful metaphor and descriptive phrases.  She’s good.  I like all her books.  I also started “Scarpetta“.   Hmm.. her family pretty blue blood, which is a thing I do not know about.  Our family pretty estranged, some have degrees, and none of them are famous or important, at least, in the eyes of the world.  I also read “Cause of Death”.

Her stories are engaging and good, but I do not think her writing skill as good as James Lee Burke.  James Lee Burke made the mistake of using Mark Hamer as narrator.  Mr. Hamer sounds tired, even bored when he reads.  Cornwell uses several female narrators and they are all good, to very good.

The reason James Lee Burke’s novels are so good is his great command of language and metaphor, and his painstaking description of the lives of the people in Louisiana.  His detective stories are realistic and quite believable.  Cornwell’s are a lark by comparison but they are pleasant and interesting lark.   People love the technical detail as she describes how Kay Scarpetta, the medical examiner, works.

James Lee Burke’s novels might be described as like.. a John Steinbeck detective.  I like the way he describes the feelings and lives of poor folk in Louisiana.  There are so many more poor than wealthy and successful in this world.  I forgive Patricia, though.  The novels quite entertaining, even though they are a little unrealistic.

She’s good, very good, and I listen to them one after the other.  She works hard at it.  She has a formula down, and she takes it to the goal line.  The novels are kind of ..superficial compared to some authors, but they are entertaining.  In “The Last Precinct” her writing skills are sharpening.  Her novels sell because they are a thrill ride.

I spend the weekend working on my laptop, tweaking IGO8 on my Chinese GPS,. and hiding in my apartment with the A/C on.

Thugs and mendicants are crawling everywhere in this ‘hood.  Kissy Chris tries to come over, but I X her again for her drinking, and I suspect, drugging.  I had planned to make a bunch of totes with my heat press and transfer paper, but we wind up in a argument.  It is god awful what goes on in this neighborhood.

You know, it drags you down living among such wretches.  You see people’s problems, and want to help them, but they are like a runaway train.  They are so caught up in their own drama, that they will never get out of their emotional loop.  It is terrible to behold.  If you keep contemplating such realities, you will be sucked into them.

Yet this is why I thought the military such a waste of time.  It was boring, very boring.  Getting ready for stress and strife?  There is plenty of that in the world.  You do not need to go to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else to find it.

Hmm.. what we behold, what we think about, becomes a “reality” of life.  However, there are many “realities”.


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