Many Windoze Programs will Work with Linux

Many programs will work with Linux using WIne.  Many more than the ones listed on the WINE website. I was looking for a slideshow viewer, and not liking the ones written for Linux..but lo and behold, my favorite Windows slide show software, the Wildbit graphics suite, will run on Linux.  So will “Ultimate Paint” a clone of the Electronic Arts “Deluxe Paint”.  Runs on windows using the WINE emulator.  Yep.

My Acer Netbook is giving me fits.  Wish I wouldn’t of bought it.  The keys are getting bad, and they stuck from day one.  It uses XP which takes FOR-EVER.. to load.  Wish it used linux.  Plus the price has come down I’ll never get my money back.  It’s an Acer Aspire and I do not recommend it, not at all.  I am well used to working around problems with clunky computers, but it’s keyboard is just too much.   They keys always WERE bad on this machine.


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