Audiobook Review- All that Remains by Patricia Cornwell

4.7 Stars.. couldn’t stop listening. Patricia Cornwell discovered her gold mine when she dreamed up Kay Scarpetta.  This is a good one, the plot believable, especially the bureaucratic battles..the depiction of of the competence of forensic scientists (which vary widely).

I like the fact that Cornwell doesn’t have the killer trying to get Kay Scarpetta, at least in this one. I like the details as Scarpetta and the detectives try to solve the crime, the use of psychics.  All very realistic.  I will not divulge the actual story, as I detest this.  Many reviews are more like a synopsis, and spoil the story.

It involves serial killer.. psychics..bureacracy..a nosy investigative reporter. It was good for 1,000 miles last week.. kept me involved.  Many audio books bore me after a while.  I like Bob Proctor’s books.. these upbeat type books.  I like John Saul’s spooky books, they are good as I travel through the night.

Hmm.. for my Bob Proctor books I am gonna make a slide show of my favorite, and unlikely heroes.  I like the Unlikely type hero.  Like James Woods.  Gary Coleman.  People that are surprising.  You are surprised at what people can do.. people that are not particularly gifted or glamorous.  Unsung type heroes.

I like a slide show of people like Norman Borlaug, or Jonas Salk.  Then, figures of people that are not so talented.  Gary Coleman, for instance.  Many people that are not even particularly talented, good looking, or smart become very successful.  Or, should I say, not particularly smart.  Who knows what “talent” really is?

Perhaps “talent” is more persistence, belief, and faith, rather than intelligence, strength, or good looks. Many hollywood beauty queens are not prettier than women I see working at restaurants, for instance.


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