Truck Driving Geek

Boy that might fit me. I LOVE gadgets..and am always getting new ones.  Harbor Freight family has me banned from that place.  How I LOVE IT.

My Mio 4.3″ GPS I depend heavily on.. except I have it running IGO8.  I love the GPS for running different routes as I experiment, driving all over the country.   I have this hacked.  Meaning- I have it so it will run many different softwares. But NOW.. now… I think I need a 7″, and I am going to order one of the chinese jobs from overseas.  Hmm.. it was pretty easy to hack my MIO.  It’s pretty easy to do it, but you have to be careful.

Love it.  I am going for one of the 7″ screen jobs now.. ‘cos I have trouble seeing that little screen..but boy the GPS work great.  So, I am gonna order one with the large 7″ screen.

Chinese GPS .. this is the one I am gonna get.  They run the IGO8 software, which I love the best.  I was looking for a “do it all unit”.  They have 6″ now and that is what I am gonna get ‘cos the 7″ obscures the precious view that I have from the cab.  I need every inch of this view.

They have one that sells on Ebay for $200 that has WiFi and easy access to WinCE.  But still.. it will not run the affirmation slide shows that I love to have.  “Focus on what you want”.. “Always drive safely”..etc.. which include pictures and everything else.  I used to run these on a Digital Picture frame, until one of the mendicants around here stole it.  Probably one of the junkie girls who did my laundry.  Yeap.

This newest GPS from china has the UBLOX 5 G591C reciever, it is called model  CVPR-CS37. This is a brand new one GPS, or at least I’ve never seen it.  Usually you will find the SirfStar III and SirfStar IV recievers.  I looked it up and it is very impressive.  The SirfStarIII is very fast to aquire satellites, but not as fast as this one claims.  It uses a TeleChips TCC7901 processor, also very new.  Most GPS’ use the Centrality Atlas and the Samsung processor.  It has a speed of 498MHZ.  Faster than most GPS, but not the fastest.  The 6″ GPS I sent for has a 533MHZ Sirfstar dual core processor.    The thing I that impresses me is that it has a “open” WinCE.  It is very hackable, in other words.  You can install your own softwares as you please.  This unit includes WiFI so it is more like a UMPC than a GPS.  It’s like a hybrid.  Gotta have it, even though I just ordered the 6″.   It can be had on ebay for $200 or so shipped.  Compare that to similar units sold in the truck stops.  My 6″ was only $148, and you can also get 7″ if you wish for just a little more, about $160.  I am waiting to see the reviews of this new unit, which looks like the most sophisticated on the market.  There are many people who hack their GPS units, including me.  My MIO Moov will run Flash, play songs, and do all sorts of things.  Mostly I use it to just run IGO8 on it.

These GPS’ are “custom”.  They do NOT come with GPS software, but you load whatever GPS software(s) you want on it.  For example, mine has MioMap on it.  The best one, in my opinion, is IGO8.   None of the Chinese GPS’ will run GARMIN, at least that I know of.  Garmin is designed for Garmin’s proprietary hardware.  Never tried Garmin.  IGO8 is powerful enough for me.

You COULD just use a netbook, but they are bulky, awkward an distracting.  It is downright dangerous to use a laptop while driving.

Another thing to look for is the “rearview camera in”.  This would be a very valuable tool.  Coupled with a simple A/V switch you could have as many cameras as you want, where ever you want on your vehicle.

One thing I tried, with good success, is to use a Digital Photo Frame to run my affirmation slide show, and also play audio books through a FM transmitter.  Worked great, easy and safe to access it to.  Not many switches and dials, plus they have remotes.  These are cheap.  I just bought one for 20 bucks from Ebay.

Anyways.. I am looking at some small monitors for a cam for the right front of my Volvo Semi tractor..because that is a crucial point of accidents.   Found some good ones for under $50.

I have nocturnal ways from driving the truck.  Sleep during the day- drive all night.  I wonder at the world, and at other people.  They all have their foibles, and the poor people are no different.  Maybe someday, some of them are gonna be the rich people.  I hope so.  People seem so far apart.  Just WORLDs apart.

Update June 13, 2010

I get my 6″ Chinese GPS.  This has the Sirfstar Atlas, dual core CPU.  But it is lacking in performance.  For starters there is not enough ram.  There is 64MB RAM and 128MB flash and it keeps blowing up due to “Out of Memory Errors”.  I like the size of the screen, though.  My old MIO 4.3 is faster running IGO8.  It works though, it ain’t bad.

I find a new “sys.txt” file that others say fix the “out of memory” problems, plus lots of ICONS and POI’s for it. So I will see how it goes.  This week I replaced the keyboard on the ACER ASPIRE ONE 10.1 netbook, with a ebay keyboard. While fiddling with it down at PC WAREHOUSE in Kansas City, we discover that you can just plug a USB keyboard in to it, and it will work…I guess ANY keyboard ya want!  The keyboard came out fairly easily, but not as easy as the YouTUBe video shows, and that ribbon connector is incredibly fragile, and the connector uses this funky latching mechanism.  I fiddled with it for a while, then took it down to PC Warehouse and let Ernie fix it for me.  Sheesh.. you need a electron microscope, and hands like a tiny mouse to fit that thing in there without breaking something.  Ernie only charged me $10, so I recommend them.  This is lots better than most computer shops around here.


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