Puppy Linux 5.0 Lucid Linux

I just installed this on my other machine, which I now have networked with my Sempron AGP computer.  Both machines very dated.  The Sempron is about like a P4.  Boy routers are CHEAP these days, especially wired ones. They are on sale at Tiger Direct for $9, and not just the low end..these are good, Linksys routers.  I payed $19 for this one, then the other one went on sale.. can’t believe my eyes.  These local thugs around here call me a “computer whiz”.  Man..people would snicker and point if they knew what sort of old machines I have made home network with.  But that’s all you need really.

The Linux and Windows boxes hooked up perfectly.  Sheesh.. I just plugged ’em in!  I thought there might be some issue using both computers hooked to the router.  Nope.  The one on sale at Tiger looks to be a BETTER router than the one I just bought for $19.  If you don’t mind a little wire..boy it ain’t bad at all!

I have a security cam set up on the other machine, a PIII.  It uses another cheapo, $8 USB Video device called a EasyCap, hooked to a 30 LED cctv that is on a wire outside the door.  For a 1 cam setup, the EasyCap works remarkably well.  It’s supposed to have a P4 minimum.. but I got it to work.

For kicks I got a copy of Puppy Linux 5.0, and my my I like it.  It is FAST, even for a LiveDistro (one that runs on CD rom).  I am messing with Puppy Linux trying to get ZoneMinder to work on that machine.  I became interested in these cams after a fight among local thugs in this building, in which one fellow just got carved up really nice.. blood all over the halls from the 3rd floor on down to ground floor.  A place that they call…the Bucket o’ Blood.

Here is a photo.. this was just some local druggies..thank GOD the landlord got ’em outta here fast. So.. I decide to hook up my Cam outside.  You can setup a CCTV, night vision system, for really cheap.  This one horse setup will do the trick, it ain’t bad.  At least we have SOMETHING now.  I wire up my apartment with motion detector alarms too, for CHEAP.  Like $14.

The guy claimed the intruder came off the street, beat his door down, and attacked him.  We were pretty sure he was dealing or using dope up there, plus stupid juice on top o’ that.  You know, I feel guilty every time I deliver a load of that stupid juice.

The DEMON RUM.   That would go over like a lead balloon, but boy I hate that booze.  Life is hard enough, I make mistakes enough, without that nasty juice.  Man..never mind the RUM.  The thugs around here also love this stuff called “Wet”…which is embalming fluid on a cigar or cigarette.


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