The Toil of the Secret People

God BLESS the secret people. That mailman.  That guy that’s inventing a new polymer battery.  The guy that grows the soybeans.. GOD BLESS the secret people.  God Bless the cooks.  The guys loading my truck.  The cops out there.  Even the construction guys that are blocking everything off..but that road is gonna be nice when it’s done.

The world is full of so much thought.. so many little details.  EVERYTHING…is harder than it looks. It’s all packaged up and bagged..labeled..and arrives at my door in a neat package!  Oooh and how great it is.

God BLESS these secret people.  I am living in the secret world they have made.  The power coming to my house..the cell phone towers and phone lines..the computer network.  The oil that is converted into fuel.  The toil that is all around me.. all over the world.

The list is LONG.  The firemen.  The people working at FDA.  The people that treat the water.  The religious people, that study philosophy and religion, like Deepak Chopra,  Bob Proctor, Robert Schuller. The people that serve me food.  Haul the fuel I need.  My trucking company.  The mechanics that keep the trucks running.  The electricians.  The electronics people and the programmers.  The people that build and work with cement, wood, steel, and tile.  I never thanked any of them, and the ones I did thank, I never thanked ENOUGH.

The UnK..the Unk..the UNKNOWN people, that silently keep wheels turning.  They bake the bread every night.  Mmm…mm..MMM!  Oh god what a great world.

Of course the medical people that are studying medicine..the surgeons that worked on me.  The lawyers who saved me.  AND.. GOD.. who made my body.. made the sea and sky..the clouds, and the wonderful, beautiful, wet rain.  The wonderful creatures that inhabit this effortless and ingenious.  It is my priviilige to just sit and observe them.

It’s all the famous ones..the whatever ones..that get all the attention and credit.  But there are people that have saved more millions of lives in this world, and we do not even know their names.  Scientists like Norman Borlaug who saved the world from starvation.  The people at the restaurants who feed me with their sweet hands.

The Artists, authors, who are both living and who are dead.  We are working.. working.. and we are the ants in the anthill.. the plants in the forest, and we interact with one another far more than we know.

We are immersed in a network of thought, internet, or no internet.


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