The Loser’s Circle

I get a kick outta the “News”. What about the “Loser’s Circle”? Boy, I know this one well.  This hood full of miscreants of every stripe.  I get fed up with the news, with the government too.  Dave Singleton, my neighbor the 72 year old truck driver is getting scammed.  Someone is calling him on the cell phone, with a variation of the “Nigerian” scam where he’s won a lot of money, they just need him to wire $950 to Jamaica.

I think I got him talked out of it.   He keeps wondering where they got his number.. hmm.. it could be that ‘ho “Destiny”, that he keeps letting in to his place.

He gets scammed all the time by the Villains in this hood, of which there are plenty.  Poor man, we will never learn.  There are Villains, and Villainesses all over this ‘hood.

On the way out, I meet a Nigerian kid.. used to live in St. Joseph.  He says “I like to fook de white girl”. Hopefully, he’ll meet up with one of the local chippies.  Maybe- get something to take back to Nigeria.  Hmm.. a hopeful thought.  Maybe the U.S.A DOES have something to export!  STD’s.

Immigration Reform? FUCK NO.  I LIKE Arizona’s law.  Let them politicians come down and LIVE in these ‘hoods.  Yeap.  Let the politicians get a taste of it.


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