A Steady Stream of Mendicants

Yup.  That’s what I get. The only problem is.. they really NEED the help.  People are in all sorts of straits everywhere I turn.  They get sick.  They get scammed, or rather to say, they make poor decisions. Myself, the IRS is just hammering my ass.  The thing is, I don’t make that much money.  The problem with the IRS is that it is so cumbersome, complicated, and bureaucratic.

Many people create large problems for themselves with drugs and alcohol, such as Kissy Chrissy.  Eh she’s nuts.  They’re all nuts.  This ‘hood has a lot of problems.  These people, the girls, you cannot help them.  If you do..you can get your hand bit off, or they will drag you into the mess they have made. Which they go right back into, by the way, as soon as they get out of stir.

Anyways, when I get home I have a steady stream of borrowers, etc…all which never pay back.   My job and my landlord are the bright spots.  This landlord keeps up with stuff.  When he finds out he has rented to crack heads, he boots ’em out.  It is a LOT better in this building now.  We are all kind of..goofs and misfits.  However, my heart getting harder.  Many people around here just kind of bum around as a vocation.  They will borrow, and they will also steal.  They will do anything, but give up dope.

It is high crime around here, and it is not just the street people.  Many of the smaller businesses around here are kind of.. rip offs.  The only thing people have in common seems to be.. THEY WANT THAT MONEY.

This trip out on the road I listened to Steve Halpern man he’s great.  Just the most relaxing music..it’s a great background on the road.  I NEVER listen to Country, Rap, nor even Rock or Pop.  But new age music, and audiobooks.  I listened to “Whispers of the Dead” by Beckett.  Pretty good stuff.  Forensic scientist stuff on the line of Kay Scarpetta (Patricia Cornwall’s heroine).  Forensic scientist nails the craz-o serial killer.  Just in the nick o’ time!


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