Accept the World of Caesar

That’s my advice. I am over 50 years old..after watching every owlhoot in the neighborhood.. THEY ALWAYS get caught.. sooner or later.   It is one thing that I have to learn myself.  To just accept the world of Caesar.  It’s not so bad here.. life becomes easier.

Your mind becomes negative...I hate the Income tax.  I hate the president.  I hate the lawyers.  Etc..etc.  The Income tax drove me nuts, and STILL is driving me nuts.  However.. it pays for the US Highways.. which are my workplace.  It pays for LOTS of services that I take for granted.

But I wish they would fix how they are done..the W2’s..the deadlines, etc.

Still.. Caesar is SO complicated. I try hard for the simple life.. but boy.. it gets so complicated!  However, Caesar offers wonderful things.  The highways.  The FDA much criticized, but it is quick to respond to contaminated food, and other benefits.  Without FDA numerous quacks would be bilking americans.  Such as poor Christine Kuefel, who died of cancer.. after taking these coffee enema treatments from this quack.

I do not agree with the wars.. I do not wish to harm other people in this life.  I’m not even in interested in most of the stuff that is on the “headline” news.  I do not care who won the basketball tournament, football game, or which movie star is cheating on the other one.

I pay more attention to what is going on around here..and which gang banger is doing what.  Most of them are gone now.. well many of them…thank GOD.   People fight at the drop of a hat, over JUST ABOUT the government is hassling me.  For MONEY.. just like everyone else!  To go back and forth to work, and finish without injury.


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