Living Well On Practically Nothing

Ed Romney wrote a excellent book on “Living Well On Practically Nothing”.  I heartily recommend this book, and it reminds me of how soft and slow I am getting.  It’s hard core stuff.  Ed Romney grew up very poor, and did well for himself.  He made his money honestly and honorably.

This book is about hard core scrimping, mending things.  It’s been a while since I have read such hard core survival books.  Some of them are NOT practical.  Living in a RV was not practical.  I wish I would have read Ed’s book before I started out.

Actually, according to Ed, why I’m living a inefficient and decadent life.  I think Ed’s advice is very good.  He is a simple, honest man.  His books are about the hard core, value of a dollar.  Eh.. he’s a little TOO cheap for my tastes, but nevertheless.. they are solid, good advice.

As a matter of fact, I wish I still had this book.  It is not “earth shattering”..but sensible.  Some of the stuff in the book is a little TOO cheap for my present tastes, such as “make some Koolaide then wait until burgers are on sale at Wendy’s”.  However, I can remember when I was this broke, as in eating ramen noodles all week.  As I type this, I can think of how excessive my spending is.

I ought to get me a small fridge for my semi truck.  The refrigerators, notably the Danby EnergyStar models will work with the semi truck inverter.  They keep food VERY cold as regular refrigerator.  Hmm..the Danby did not last long. It might be the vibration, or it might have been when some clothes got back behind it, and it really overheated.  I find a Kenmore 1.7 cubic ft for $45 on craigs list.  As a matter of fact, there was quite a selection of these on Craigs List.  My inverter seems to have no problems powering it.  Didn’t even hiccup when I plugged it in and turned it on.


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