Essential Oils

Man.. I just took a bath with Epsom salt,  Tea Tree oil, Anise Oil, and Clary sage oil (4-6 drops each).. it is marvelous.. my skin feels and smells so good.. I am so relaxed.

How I love that stuff… it’s great…and what a wonderful evening it makes.  I am gonna go ahead and buy a nebulizer, or diffuser, or whatever.  These oils are medicinal..not just “smell”.  There are NOT just.. “bubble bath”..or fancy skin care.

The Anise oil I really like.  It has a “licorice” sort of smell…and it is VERY relaxing.  These are essences of herbs with medicinal properties, not just scent or flavoring.  I get a great feeling of sleepiness, relaxation and well being, and my skin smells faintly of the it’s great.  I can’t wait to try the lavender oil.

The best grade to look for, the purest, is the “Theraputic” grade oil.  It’s wonderful.

Update: I try some of the peppermint oil.  Just a few drops, like 5 drops and man it smells GOOD…like peppermint.  I also wash my hair in this water and that peppermint smell lingers.. man it’s great stuff.


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