The Simple Joys are the Best

That is my opinion.  Eh.. maybe ‘cos that’s I never knew the expensive joys. At any rate, I eat my fav pork chops and peas tonight, with butter.. and they are good.  My brother makes this BOMB baked chicken.  He just bakes it, after marinating it in brine for one hour, with simple herbs, actually- whatever he has on hand. With this great gravy, and new potatoes, that is the STUFF boy.

Tomorrow I will have some Ragu.  Some chicks come over.  Jamie comes over and she do the dishes for me. That other crazy broad tries to get in, but the front door is locked.. and she is too wild for me.  She’s a drug addict- she’s nuts.  Gotta make one last delivery in the morning.  Jamie is roofing these houses..this woman is a real worker.  She’s gonna find me a place.  She was staying with this one man that finally died off.  The old man’s house had no water, because thieves stole all the pipes.

People do that around here, if a place is unguarded or abandoned for long.  They like to steal the pipes and water heater out of it and sell it for scrap.   As a matter of fact, ONCE.. thieves got up on top of the Family Dollar down the street and looted the A/C unit.  She’s working on these houses that bought a bunch of them online, I assume sight unseen ‘cos you can get them so cheap.   Heh..the problem IS finding decent renters. He’s employed Jamie in some manner, and she’s a good bet.  The woman is a real girl scout.


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