Roberts Street

Roberts Street..where it crosses Independence Avenue.. Roberts and Bales .. is a place of hot drug action.. hot IDIOT action I would say.  They are always at it..and the fights start when they rip one another off..which they are ALWAYS doing.  The street has trash all over it, and so do the alleys.. with fools spray painting their gang banger slogans all over it.  Roberts Avenue, in the Northeast section of Kansas City.  Roberts and Bales is by the Fast Stop, which I wouldn’t go to if they were GIVING product away.

Heroin is said to be creeping in. I get my info from one of the street shills that is out there dressed up in a green “statue of liberty” outfit for the tax service.

The cops are out there though, with Helicopters and cars and ATV’s and everything else..but fools will learn no other way.   Fools only learn in the hard school of experience..and seems like they don’t NEVER learn.

This is my Urban Survival Tip:.. keep your nose clean and value your citizenship.  Shit why not?  Life can be kind of peaceful, and God will be very good to you, if you let him.


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