Herbal Remedies can be Great

I get some Fargelin, a chinese hemorrhoid remedy. Gonna try this out..it is embarassing, but they are killing me.  They swoll up, and I was passing lots of blood.  Got ’em first in the U.S. Navy, from sitting on that cold steel deck all the time, and it hurt the arches in my feet also.  I also got (Mayinglong) or Maying Long Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment, which is like prep H.  I just tried this out.. it has a very soothing, cool and mediciny feel.  It takes away the itching, and seems like it is going to work as good as other people say that it would.  I also tried some stuff called Tronodal or something like that.  It was slightly superior to Prep H.  At the early outset it appears that the Mayling Long creme is far superior to the others, even though it is “just” herbal.  The cooling and medicine feel are much better than the Prep H with Aloe and the Tronadal.

The Epsom salts bath, with Tea tree oil.. really helps.  It is soothing, and I will use it all the time regardless of conditions.. it’s great.   I call my Aunt Norma who has cancer in her spine..the problems of people around me are overwhelming really.  They make me want to just cry.  People need so MUCH help.. it’s overwhelming to me.  People around me, the whole family have health care problems.  Fred downstairs with his hernia.  My brother’s back,  my sister’s ulcer she just got out of the hospital again.

I just got some other Essential oils.. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, etc..that I am eager to try in my bath water.  Lavender is soothing, and the others have powerful antiseptic properties.  They are not “Toys”.  Caution should be used with herbs, and NEVER ingest a Essential oil.

I have decided to use the herbs ONE at a time, at least the ingestible herbs.  When I am done with the Fargelin, I will start taking Milk Thistle.

Tea Tree Oil.. I LOVE that stuff.  I have a rash from my leg, man it wouldn’t go away.  It was from when I sprained an ankle a long time ago.  The V.A. docs couldn’t figure out what it was.  So, I tried some tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, clary sage oil, and anise oil last weekend, and now again this weekend..the rash is starting to go away!  They gave me this stuff…man it was expensive…didn’t quite work.

update:  I wonder which oil is helping that “rash’?  It isn’t the tea tree or eucalyptus..but the anise or clary sage. Oh well.. I love this aromatherapy stuff and am gonna buy a diffuser.  It’s great.  It is not “toy”.  They are not just scents, but herbs that you breathe in.

Herbs are well documented. Most herbs have been used for hundreds of years, if not thousands.  They are more well documented than many drugs.  For instance, they have this “Bandit Oil Blend” used for hundreds of years.  So named ‘cos these bandits would rub it on themselves before robbing plague victims..and they wouldn’t get sick.

Herbs are powerful, and I say it again, they are NOT “toys”.  You have to think about which one is right for you, and some herbs will make certain conditions worse.  Just because they sell them over the counter does not mean that you can ingest them by the handful, or take any type you want without thinking!

Use properly,  I have found them to work well..actually..amazingly well.

Update: Just took a bath with epsom salt, Tea Tree oil, and Eucalyptus oil.  My skin feels soooo.. good.. there is that relaxed…feeling..it has that smell from them.  This stuff is great.  The MayingLong cream I put on..and it has this tingle, hmm..reminds me of Vicks, and is very cool feeling, but does not have too much of a odor.


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