Canned Peas and Pork Chops- A poor man’s heaven

Back from Louisville, Michigan, and Tennessee. Run my ass off..tired, and stop at HyVee..they didn’t have the Iowa Chops so I get some breakfast chops and canned peas, and soft white bread and coke.  I am tired.. my roids bothering me, but receding.  I had hernia surgery and my navel, above my navel sometimes there is a bulge there, and I push it back in.  I do NOT want to go through surgery again, ever.

Anyways.. just throw ’em in a pan that is oiled.. sprinkle with garlic salt, cook the peas, drain and a big thing of butter.. mmm.. so good..with a coke..and soft white bread with margerine.

I hope the health care bill PASSES.  The truck stops all have that stupid Fox News channel on, what a bunch of phoney idiots…and the radio.  Fox has got SOME money huh?  They got the money..and they are plastering their Rush Limbaugh style propaganda all over the air waves.

Soon, I will take a bath in epsom salts and Tea tree oil..and go to sleep.  Got to get right back outta here Sunday Morning.  Whew..but it’s MONEY.. it is SURVIVAL.


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