I am at a truxstop near Jackson, MI. I am trying to watch free movies on “”..while looking up their ratings on “” to choose a movie. is a great site, love their movies..but designers forget about BANDWIDTH,   BANDWIDTH…and BANDWIDTH.

It was easier and faster to look up the titles on Google than  IMDB is laden down with crud, like most sites are.  Banners, big graphics, and ads that have to be pulled from other sites.  It is far too slow, except on a home cable connection.  Forget about it.    There are a bunch of flash videos on this site on the front page, most of them never, ever loaded.

At home, on a cable connection it can be gotten away with.  But here, with the Wifi 36MBS connection man….NO WAY.    That stupid Faux 4 “News” won’t even load, thank the Gods.  I log back in later at night, and still can’t get to load.   It’s about BANDWIDTH.

MOST web pages..MOST OF THEM SUCK.   No one seems to notice or care though.  I got a 36mbs connection now,  the computer says “excellent”  and these pages still won’t load.

Why do you think is so popular?  Because it gets down with business and is not laden down with crap.

Update:  Even here at home, one of my favorite sites,, is slower than molasses.  I love the free movies you can watch, but it has so much embedded media it is like a tortoise, and confusing to navigate.


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