Fox 4 “News”

How could anyone watch “Faux News”. Only in America, the world’s stupidest people.   What Fox 4 is,  should be most obvious to anyone.  A propaganda organ for the rich people.   That’s all it is.  The big reason why I haven’t looked at a “newspaper” in 10 years now.  Oh well,  Americans aren’t alone in being bullshitted constantly by crooks.  Look at Germany, at what Adolph Hitler did to them.  Same with Stalin and Mussolini. Fox News is right there along with them as far as the “baloney” factor.  It is like watching these vacuum cleaner salesmen,  the same type of techniques as door to door salesmen use.

  • “Everybody” is against the health care bill.
  • It’s “Obamacare” nyaaa ..nyaaa..nyaaaa.
  • George Washington once said: “Don’t vote for health care”
  • It’s part of the “liberal media”..nyaa..nyaaa..nyaaa.
  • You wouldn’t wanna be a “liberal”..NOW WOULD YOU?
  • “No fair, they are using dirty tricks!”  (a filibuster ain’t a dirty trick?)
  • America is on fire.. against the health care bill!
  • OUR statistics show, that people don’t want the health care bill.
  • It’s unpatriotic to want the health care bill.
  • You should be happy to croak off for your country!
  • Our “experts” (namely Bill O’Reilly) say that no one wants health care.
  • It’s the end of the democratic party.
  • It’s the end of Obama presidency.
  • It’s too expensive to want to live.  Instead think about dying in our next war. (probably against Canada).
  • If you vote no, you might get to fuck Ann Colter! (as if anyone would want that anorexic, selfish bitch)

YEAH right.. watch Obama stomp the crap out of whoever the republicans want to run.  Fox News got me fired up all right. Enough to email my congressmen continually and want to write this, and to urge them to support Obama!

Americans are like chickens, who will vote for Colonel Sanders.  Featuring a blonde bimbo feeding Bill O’Reilly questions, with his propaganda answers.. “all americans are opposed to health care”..”obamacare”…blah. Fox News is such bullshit.

Sure makes my mind up for me.  I‘ll support ANYTHING that Fox 4 News doesn’t like.

It sure made up my mind about voting for Ron Paul or any other republican.  ANYTHING that Fox News endorses, must be against me and my family.  I was wavering there, a bit.  Not anymore. GO OBAMA.

Isn’t a Filibuster a little unscrupulous?  I think so.  That is what Fox “News” is bitching about. Me and my family, and extended family are overwhelmingly FOR the Health Care bill.  Fox is full of such bullshit.  They are the reason WHY I would not do 20 in the military.  All of our problems are right here, not in Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Korea or anywhere else.  There are plenty of unscrupulous people right here in the USA.. so why go overseas to fight evil?


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