Drive By Shooting ‘Bed and Breakfast’

At last.. God finally spoke to me..and I have figured out a way to get out of here.  It’s a ‘Drive by Shooting’ Bed and Breakfast!  I’ll invite all my congressmen, especially the ones that love immigration so much, and let them stay there.

When they go to bed at night, they’ll have prostitutes banging on their door.  As they go to bed, they will hear the sound of helicopters flying overhead.  They’ll go off to sleep hearing that ‘pop..pop..pop pop pop’ sound of a magazine being emptied.  THEN..their eyes will see that blue and red and white blinking outside of their curtain window…ahhh.

THEN..they’ll wake up, refreshed, to discover that someone has taken a sawzall and cut off their automobile’s catalytic converter.


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