Don’t get ‘Put Together’

An Australian slang term, I believe, for “ripped off”. Last night one of the local chicks, drunk,  comes banging on my door, crying.  “Nobodddy…lovvess..meeee”.  Like a fool I open the door, and give comfort.   Then, she crashes out on my bed and refuses to move.  I had just got home from running about 750 miles to get home, and wanted to crash.  She’d done this to me once before..when will I learn?

I try to rouse her, let her sleep on the couch, uneasy now.  I do not mind letting her sleep it off, but don’t want to get a blade put in my ass or ripped off when I finally get some sleep.   “I want a hundred dollars”, she murmurs drunkenly.  It’s the old Okie Doke from a local ‘ho.   To make a long story short, it cost me $60 to get rid of her.  She brightens up immediately.  Sheesh I thought I was gonna have to call the cops to get her to leave.  This place full of homeless women..but the reason WHY is because they are drug addicts, who want the world to turn around them.  Actually, it quite often DOES.  I have no doubt, that she took the money and went straight to the dopeman.

Northeast, and the world, is full of such crazy bitches.  This is why I do not like the modern day, politically “correct” version of the U.S.A., and wouldn’t fight a war to defend it.  Just like.. whats her name.. Kim Bassinger getting “put together” by hollywood sharks because she wouldn’t appear nude in a film.  Fight a war to defend such people?  I think not.  The U.S.A. has it’s own problems with a crazy government, so why meddle with other governments around the world?

A couple years ago, in just such a scenario, a guy and some other drunken companion were involved in just such a scenario.  The one fellow didn’t want to leave, and while the apartment owner was asleep, he decided it would be a good idea to stab him in the neck with a pair of scissors.  It nearly killed him, and they never did get all the blood out of the carpet.

Lots of money is spent on the inevitable jail time and rehab for them, and the medical attention that they need.

God I hate drugs, and booze also.  It causes more problems, and ruins more people than anything.


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