The Soul Destroying World of the American Poor

That’s what I call the American experience.  Soul destroying. There are many fatherless children running around here.  Multiple drug addicts.  On the back streets, off of Independence Avenue, many houses are boarded up, or people haven’t even bothered to board them up.  The lawns are all tore up by pitt bulls, or other mutts.  The houses infested, and not good for anything.

People can’t even afford to bury their dead.  Many of the young girls become miserable wretches by the time they are 30 years old.  People turn to the soft crime, I am talking drugs and prostitution.  It is all over the place here.  Drugs are not victimless, many crimes flower out from drugs.  It’s in my face all the time in this ‘hood.

So WTF are we doing investing a fortune in rebuilding other countries and subsidizing them?  It surely does not benefit me in any way, yet the IRS is all over our back to finance it.  Everyone wants to be financed, including the “homeless” drunks, hookers, and drug addicts.

They ought to have the statue of liberty lit up with neon Budweiser signs,  and disco lights, and have something like “Loosest slots on the planet”, and a torch that blinks to the latest rap or hip hop beat, preferably one of the most obnoxious ones.  This suits the place far better than “Oh say can you see”.

No one around here uses twitter, and only a few have computers.  Even fewer know how to use them well, to their advantage.  Many do not have cars, as a matter of fact, a large percentage don’t have them.  But boy, they sure have DRUGS.  Sheesh.  AND.. a six pack o’ that nasty beer.. eeeyuk.  Many have experienced prison, so they go back to crime, hustling, whatever you want to call it.

One thing I do like is the American highway.  It is nice out there actually…not too bad..and as soon as I get home, I can hardly wait to leave.

Ya can’t be no…bag o’ potatoes.  Life is here, life is real.  Man it’s like this water always seeping in the roof.


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