Epsom Salts

I should have put these in the “poor man’s medicine cabinet”. I have an external hemmoroid.  This came from way back, when I was in the Navy.  From sitting around on that steel deck all the time.  The Navy was.. wait, and wait, and hurry up, and wait.   Anyways.. trucking..it has swoll up and started to bother me, big time.  I am not at the point where I want a doctor to cut them out, and am leery of someone taking a scalpel to me.

So.. I baths in the epsom salt and hot water… that’s what I have been doing all weekend.. and it really works, it is soothing and makes them shrink.  A good thing to have in your medicine cabinet, and cheap.  Buy lots of it, I have found it very useful.

Update:   My condition is better now..after lots of  Preparation H and Cortisone.  Eh..it is a gross subject I suppose,  but a common affliction.


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