Be a Truck Driver

My job, OTR trucker.. is the ONE bright spot. It is FUN driving around.  People get burnt out on it, because of the little time you get at the house, but I have grown used to it.  I listen to all sorts of books..the one book I like the best is “The Secret”.   These inspirational books keep my mind away from the problems at home.  My own problems, and the pitiful problems of the poor people that I meet at the house.. my family’s problems..and life in the USA.  It is FUN as I go to places.. to bakeries, salt warehouses, stores, and truckstops and sample the local food (always a cheery idea).. and talk to the local workers, who are, working.  No one screaming there, or in one another’s face, no sir.

I like watching the scenery go by, man.. it’s all right.  No politics, no news, except the weather and highway news that I need.  The news- it just upsets me.

Driving a semi truck is also challenging.  There’s a great deal of challenge, and obstacles to be overcome on each and every trip.  The scheduling.  Man, customers act like we are a rocket sled out here.  The weights and laws.  It is easier than it used to be, much easier.  Still, there is a challenge..and life can change from bright to ugly in the blink of an eye.  I like the feeling of camping out, in your own snug little cave though.  Love it.  I like being disconnected from the world also.  At least, not the constant demand of other people.

It’s an honest living, and not like the sort of- scams that people do around here.  In this ‘hood there is lots of out and out crime.  Then the sort of sly scams of middlemen.  I think auto mechanics are some of the worst crooks going.  I’ve had my cars messed up even worse than the original problem, and still had to pay.  Around here there are many “shade tree” mechanics that don’t know what they are doing, they are just trying to hustle up some money.  Oh well.  Maybe they did not mean to do it.  It’s like choosing a doctor.  Be careful of who you let work on your car.

Maybe, I like driving so much because I am away from TV and internet, and the blare of the politicians and activists, who make me so mad I can’t see straight.  At least the media has laid off of Tiger Woods for a while. Yes, that..that..rotten Tiger Woods.  He’s the Axis of Evil and thank God for our wonderful media.

NO..we don’t fool around on the road. I don’t know where people get this.  I do not have time to do NOTHIN’ but eat and sleep, and shower.   Most truck stops are free of prostitutes- they run ’em off.  This place here,  this area of Kansas City, MO has more prostitutes than I have ever seen ANYWHERE.. including overseas in the hell holes of the world.   Many girls have asked me to ride along.  There is no time for ’em, and besides, it’s certain termination with this company.


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