Slow Cooker Roast beef with Frozen Hash Browns

I tried this variation on the “Slow cooker roast beef covered with mushroom soup and dry onion soup mix.” I added some Southern Style, frozen hash browns that were thawed.  I added a 2lb package about 1 hour after the roast started cooking, on high.  Next time, I will wait longer.

The verdict?  Quite tasty.  I was using the high setting and they surprised me at how fast they cooked, a little too much, but success.  This was a rump roast, and didnt have the fat of other roasts, so next time I will use some beef broth instead of water, maybe a pinch of beef bullion also.  The gravy did not have that beefy standard, not the way I want it, at least.

Sometimes, you can get packs of “Beef Gravy Mix” or “Brown Gravy Mix”.  This stuff has worked pretty good in some slow cooker roasts that I have made.  It’s a standard of mine.  Apple Market here in Kansas City has some cheap brands in their $1 section that work good.  McCormick makes quality spices, maybe that one would be good.

I recommend NOT using carrots, or at least make ’em separate.  They will make the gravy sweet.  The potatoes in this instance really cooked down.  As a matter of fact, with only a few swipes of my fork, I could easily have mashed potatoes.  It’s sort of a “Hot Beef Sandwich” deal now.  But it sure tastes good.


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