Deathlands Homeward Bound- James Axler Review

The “Deathlands” Series are novels about a post nuclear age, an apocalypse. Basically, a few intrepid souls go around from cache to cache finding weapons, and blast the dickens out of anything that gets in their path.  This was, I assume, a successful series for James Axler.  There were 87 novels in the series alone, plus spin off series like “Outlander”.

I find these kind of.. simplistic and corny.  The action keeps me awake driving.  There are better writers.  He must use “beloved Fedora” 20 times in each episode.  This refers to JB Dix’ hat.   They are kind of.. corny.  Very simple plots.  They get captured, get in and out of situations, and most of all, blast the dickens out of mutants.  Doc has a ancient LeMat pistol.  Much of the writing is in describing the nature, caliber, etc of the weapons they use.  They are always going around and finding stuff.. weapons, food, etc.. they take a break. Then, it’s on to shooting up the mutants.  The writing has little skill or description, other than blasting mutants, and the leader is having sex with the mutant woman Christy.. so it gets a little steamy.

Eh..maybe 2 stars…maybe 3.  They DO keep you awake.  But after you’ve heard one, you’ve heard ’em all.  It’s about a 11th grade level.


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