The John Birch Society

The John Birch Society.. people were always saying it had this .. racial conotation.. that it was “right wing”..meaning military hawks.

Actually.. it is pretty.. “hippy”.  Thinks the war on drugs is a failure.. less government is better.  Believes in personal freedoms.  What is wrong with that?  The JB Society also thinks the governments are being manipulated by a rich elite.  However, “less” government might also be very bad, as in the case of the real estate hustlers who built up the real estate balloon that collapsed.  So maybe, maybe it is not that good.  I dunno.

The Tax code and the IRS are incredibly complicated.  We need good roads, health care, education..but not the hugest military in the world, and certainly not foreign aid.  The U.S. Taxpayers, at least yours truly, need relief.

I am in favor of making the world a simple place.. I think.. SIMPLE.. is GOOD.  I do not think we can live without tax, BUT.. the American IRS is one of the most draconian agencies in the world.  There are many programs that I think should not be considered..public programs for the general public.  It should be a solid government, with taxes levied for basic needs.. for people right here in this country..not elsewhere in the world, as in Russian wheat subsidies, etc.


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