Ron Paul

Ron Paul has some great ideas.  END the “War on Drugs”.  Get rid of the IRS. Or at least, modernize the IRS.  I hate DRUGS.  I do not like alcohol, none of them.  HATE THEM.. they cause so much grief in our world. The “War on Drugs” causes even MORE grief I’d wager.

I do not understand people’s fascination with drugs. The money spent on them would buy a nice meal. A battery for your car.  Lots of things.  Medicine.  Fuel for the car.  But the war on drugs is even worse..and costs a lot of money.  I just made myself a can of sweet peas, with butter, and a coke..and boy that hit the spot.  Sure is cheaper than drugs.  I also like meditation, and self hypnosis tapes..(they are really the same thing)..and lectures about things that interest me.  CHEAP.

Ron Paul also has great ideas about the border, and the role of the military.  I like Mr. Obama also, I like the place he is coming from.  I also like Mr. Paul’s ideas about PRIVACY..and the right to PRIVACY.  Bill Clinton, I did not like his decision about NAFTA, but what the republicans did to him about his sex life and relationships.. I will NEVER forgive them for it.  It made me just hate Newt Gingrich and the rest of them.

Ron Paul is the only one of them that acts like a mature MAN.. he is a MAN.. not a teenage bully.

The GOP has pissed me off for ever. I wouldn’t give ANY of those little bullies, and smart alecks the time of day.  The democrats have just annoyed me.  I do not like any of the “leaders” such as Ann Coulter.  Ann Coulter makes me want to INVITE Al Qaeda over here..and take the bitch out!  Please!  Or Rush Limblob.  Take them AWAY!


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