My Military Experience

I had that military experience..and what a useless experience. The money I dole out around here when I get home with my paycheck.. that is far more satisfying than “putting some bad guy in their place”.  I will tell you what I like.  It’s THAT MONEY.

I like to give it out, if you can believe that.  So many people need it.  It is great to think up something to do for local hustlers or needy people.. just some task that gives me an excuse to put a few dollars into their hand.

That neato military hardware is fascinating- but my sister’s oven broke and she needs another one..even a used one.  It is great being a petty officer, but it is far greater buying a new battery and fixing up that old Honda so my brother can use it.  I did not like it.  I do not want to participate in the death of someone that I do not even know, nor have anything against.

I’d rather cook up some food than anything else on this earth.  Then, we could..sit around and digest it.


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