Torpedo by Jeff Edwards 4-5 stars

This is one of those military action yarn, but with a believable plot and human characters.  This novel features lots of in depth technical detail about the military hardware that is being used, and it goes over very well.  There is also a lot of history about different weapons and how they were developed.  It is a pretty good listen and I did not get bored.  I hate to reveal ANYTHING about the plots.  There’s lots of action…spying..fighting, but it’s believable.  That is the key thing about these type of military novels.  Mr. Edwards did his home work.

The action is terrific and keeps you hanging on.  The technical details are great.  This is one of the best military thrillers I’ve listened to in a long time.  “Team Yankee” was my favorite military thriller..that and “Flight of the Old Dog”.

Four stars.


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