The Novels that NO one Writes

What is this novel?  The novel about the everyday lives of working people, or even non working people.  My own family even.  Novels are all about how the cop saves the city, or the military action hero saves the world and the USA with daring that is a matter of course.  Political figures are all smart, rational, and great.  This is the world we expect, but it is not how it is, not at all.

How about the novel about how things REALLY are?

The government that country western stars are singing about isn’t worth defending, and I mean not at all.  Yep I did that military time.  And it was DOING TIME.  A bunch of neato frito hard ware.. I worked on a fire control radar, and the government shit massive money for each round we pissed into the ocean.  The parts for our radar just sky high.  Many times what you pay for a potentiometer at say, Radio Shack.  I thought it was a huge, and I mean HUGE load of crap.  I think some of the biggest creeps on earth live in Washington, D.C.  Why travel to Iraq, Vietnam, or anywhere else if you want to kill someone you don’t like?  Timothy McVea’s inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing was his experience in Iraq.

What about the people on the street outside? The people that depend on the churches around here for a meal? What about the IRS fucking with people that can’t afford to keep their car running?  What about people that go to jail and do the time,  because they can’t afford the bail for a speeding ticket?  What about the Urn with the ashes in it that someone left on a bench at a bus stop?  What the lies and crap that working people have to swallow with humility?  These are the Americans that the government “loves so much” and are scrabbling out there even as I write, in wonderful Utopia.  People who can’t get a shower every day.  People who depend on the churches for food and clothing.  The little secret sub cultures of drugs, gangs, and crime in the inner city.

Trucking is a great example.  Trucker is a great job in Europe and some other countries.  Here it has been degraded.  I never worked for ONE company that were not flat out crooks.  But that is the way of the USA.  People lie right at one another, all the time.  These companies screw drivers out of their pay with almost every concievable scam.  They “pay you by the mile”.. only the miles are what the company SAYS they are.  Under the guise of a “bad economy” or other bullshit Labor in the USA has been continually encroached upon, until we are practically indentured servants.  That is what I am.  An indentured servant.  People always think that OTR truckers make $1,000 a week.. think again.  It’s more like $500 a week.  It’s more like $31,000 a year, some guys make $24,000 a year. Just enough to keep food in their mouths.

The greatest sin in America, and the only REAL crime that I can see, is not having money.   I’ve witnessed unbelievable things.   If you have the money, and the person is not one of the “important” people,  you can kill someone in the U.S.A. and beat the rap.  This is not conjecture, but actual fact as I watched how things work in my life in american society.  I am 56 years old.  I think the USA is one sick pup.  My observation- no one gives a shit about anyone else.  It’s not that people lack the emotions of peace or mercy. They just are too busy scrambling for themselves.  So it’s like “divide, and conquer”.  The U.S.A. is all about FORM, not about content, nor truth.

The republican party bashed away at Bill Clinton because of his affairs, but his real sin, the one that I will never forgive him for, is NAFTA. Build a presidential library for him or George Bush?   I do not want to pay for that, but by golly the IRS is going to make sure that I do.  Along with other wonderful programs,  subsidies for crops of foreign countries,  and untold billions doled out all over the world.  Guess who gets to pay for it? Me, the military vet.  The U.S. government STOMPS THE SHIT OUT OF THE POOR..and rewards the selected few, that are selected by some of the most sociopathic people on earth.

Meanwhile, the hopeless “War on Drugs” continues.  The rich people buy their way out.  The poor go to jail.  I see it happen, see what people’s lives are like all around this place.   I think that Ron Paul has it all in perspective.

This is not a place I would fight for.  The fighting going on, is just another fight.  Sorry, been there, done that.  I am done playin’ Army.. for ANY reason, or under ANY circumstance.

The NOVEL THAT NO ONE WRITES.. would have the story of how the anti smoking laws put the small cafe down at the corner out of business.. about Alan the homeless guy with cerebal palsy who slept down in the wrecks at the junkyard because his family didn’t give a shit about him and dumped him.. about the people sleeping in the abandoned houses around here… the nigerians that love to take over the jobs in the jails..they LOVE these jobs.  Even the mexicans around here, the ones that moved up here in say that Bill Clinton just gave us a fucking…. the steel industry that went away…  stupid cops out in the suburbs that like to pick people out and fuck with them…. snotty ass Trucking dispatchers.. people who have to borrow money for just some toilet paper….women who get the living shit beat out of them….. newspapers that are not “news” at all, but fancy themselves shapers of public opinion.   America has 90% of the world’s most obnoxious, greedy, self centered, self righteous, people on the face of the earth….about Mikey the Cook who hung himself….about my X wife’s father who killed himself.. about my brother’s girlfriend’s father who killed himself….about Vinny and Tuwe Edwards who comitted suicide……about Eddie French who comitted suicide….   ……women who’ve had three or four abortions…..  the cops that would not even investigate the “Baby Doe” case, even though they were called like 12 times about it…..Kissy Chris’ family who deserted her……Alan the Cerebal Palsied vet who died mercifully, finally, after his goddam family dumped him down the east bottoms……stupid chicks who think they can cash in on the sex harassment laws….my stepmother who kicked my father out of the house after he got his lung removed, in a fight over who he was leaving his money to….. Alex K. Bailey who shot TWO people.. he got ZERO time on the first one… ONE year on the second one….”no one even went to my trial” said Alex….  a guy who steals a set of I.D. at a motel, gets caught with drugs, gets sentenced, and goes CLEAR through the judicial system, with no one even knowing who he really was……..Sattahip, Thailand where entire rifle companies deserted during the Vietnam war…..

The USA has a history that includes events and institutions that were every bit as cruel as the Third Reich, or anything else in the banana republics we are “saving”.  Angola State Prison was one of the worst prisons in world history.    So where is the Utopia, the place of goodness, decency and democracy, that Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and others keep promising?  The USA just taxes it’s own slaves so the it can have money, to spend on the projects that the government, and the people who manipulate the government, want them spend it on.

What about the people, wandering around here, over 50 years old that are homeless?


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