Local Hustlers

My brother comes over. He needs that old Honda that I bought, so we are getting it jump started.  Out of the blue this drunk kid comes over to “help” us jump start it.  He’d been trying to get into the building earlier.  What these hustlers will do is “help” you get the car started..then stick their hand out for money.  Many of those same hustlers will rob the street girls..sometimes beating the hell out of them.  We do not need him to help us and finally he goes away.. staggers away.  The dude blitzed out from drinking or drugs or whatever.

That old Honda, we get it started so he will have a way to get to work clear from Blue Springs.   Kissy Chris comes over,  I let her in, and she bolts straight to the kitchen and starts the dishes.  She will do this so I feel ingratiated and give her a couple of dollars.  Her feet are sore and chafed from walking around.  She must walk for miles each day, just like the other street girls.  She has those same old jeans on, that stocking cap, been wearing them for days now.  So I don’t mind the bullshit.  She does a pretty good job on my kitchen, but I have little money to spare..having it tied up in my Honda, trying to fix it.  Parts are expensive for it.  Almost ANYTHING is expensive, and I work all week long.

People in this hood are just as desperate as the “head boys” in Olongapo City.  Olongapo City is a city in the Philippines that the U.S. Navy turned into a whorehouse.  I give Kissy Chris $20.  Eh she is sly..hustling me for another $5 to get some stuff at Family Dollar for me.  I know she won’t come back, and she doesn’t.  What the hell.  The woman’s been been beat, raped, robbed more times than I can count.  Bit by spiders and everything else.

Olongapo City brings back the memories.  We’d go and whore the dickens out of the local population when I was a “U.S. Navy Goodwill Ambassador”.  Yeah RIGHT.  We used to call the Kitty Hawk the “Shitty Kitty”.. the U.S.S. Midway “The Floating Drugstore”.   It was far different than that bullshit propoganda from “The Stars and Stripes”.


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