Oh God the lives people lead.

“Oh god, the lives people lead.  Oh god, the world they live them in.” Another favorite quote, from whats his name.. William Burroughs. “Civilization” has brought about some of the most unspeakable behaviors that man has ever known.  That guy that crashed his plane into the IRS building seems to be a portent of things to come.

The government has brought about some good things, but it has certainly brought about many BAD things too. Their cunning is continuous, and like water seeping in.   Cunning monkeys.  The workweek, and social life is one of non stop bitching, non stop anxiety.  No one is satisfied with anyone else.  Everyone wants a piece of everyone else.

I don’t know about the “legality” of the IRS.  But who cares?  The government generates such baloney, who would support them?  Whether it’s the IRS, the EPA, the KGB, the DFU or whatever.. I don’t want to support their bullshit.  If they vaporized, poofed off the planet right now, it is no skin off of my nose. 

Ron Paul’s version of how things ought to be suits my views the best.  It is surprising that he is under the republican tent, at least the present republicans.  They were a bunch of vain little sadists.  “His” ideas, libertarianism, have been around for years and years.

People are sick of the government.  It’s programs often blow up in it’s face, or do not work at all.  Millions are ripped off in scandals, as in the Jack Abramoff scandals.

Ron Paul opposed NAFA, CAFTA, and FREE TRADE.  Which I am pissed at Bill Clinton for.  Here’s Ron Paul’s Agenda in a nutshell. He is extremely anti abortion.  Some stuff of his I don’t like.   The IRS has a gun to my head right now.  They are threatening to suspend people’s professional licenses as the government puts the squeeze on for money.  America is a extremely complicated country to live in.

Life in the USA is.. twisted.  However, if you keep to yourself, it is not too bad.  I like it out on the road, in my truck. I am earning money, and it is all right.  The IRS is the biggest threat to my life right now.  The people in the government, they mean well.  At least I HOPE they mean well.  Right now, this is a dangerous community to live in,  even if you live like a mouse.  That is what I live like, but I am a pretty happy mouse.

I like Mr. Obama.  There is something to like about everyone.  I can see the stepped up IRS thing, but the US Tax code is incredibly complicated.  The result?  Me and my brother both make under $31,000 a year.  His spouse started a business, and one company I worked (a canadian company that took over my company) gave me a 1099 instead of a W-2.  The result?  Me and my brother will both pay the IRS each month for the rest of our life.   A immigrant from Nigeria has a better deal than what I got.

Since Vietnam I have been sick of the U.S. Government.  I am a Vietnam Era vet, but that is beside the point. The whole thing was a mistake.  It is NONE of our business if another country want to be communists, totalitarians, elect a king, whatever.

The USA gyrates wildly from like fascism..to a sort of communism.  There is the sexual harassment law.  Laws that let ONE senator or representative throw a gum into the works of the government.   Despite all the laws, women keep getting beat up around here on a consistent basis.  I’ve had women steal my cars, roll me, etc.. but never got so mad I wanted to smack em around.  My EX was a alcoholic and pot head.  I got mad enough to leave her, but  not mad enough to beat her up.

Do I pray? I sure do.  I think this world is totally screwed up.. screwed up by human beings.  They can’t get ANYTHING right.  It is just.. warped.. life is.  NO one is right, if everyone is wrong.


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