The News Today

Yep..there’s Tiger Woods on there.  He’s..done something again! It’s front page news..what is it.. farting I think….no, they found out he was taking a whiz.  He’s red hot and the “news” media is on the job, giving me the full details oh thank goodness!

The “News” community does not report “news” but attempts, and pretty much succeeds, at pressing our buttons for whatever agenda the “reporters” want to emphasize.

Meanwhile- the local hustlers wake me up at the ungodly hour of 10:30 AM. I am drinking coffee now..and hey.. it’s front page.. “news”.  Tammy comes over, her nails painted dark maroon, a goth look to her.  She is wanting to…. hustle me for money! Is there nothing new?  Today I am strong and I tell her NOOoooo.. about 20 times.  It’s like this, verbal ju jitsu.  They try first one tack, then another, but wanting to break you loose from some cash.

Then I take her downtown.  I do not blame people, they need money.. but my mind is focused on my honda and my family’s problems.

At the checkout.. local “newspapers” have guess what?  Brad Pitt,  Sean Penn,  Whitney Houston and others from the ongoing “news’ serial episode.

I see Cindy, who was rumored dead, and whats her name.. fuckin’ Rhonda or something.. no, it’s Robin out there hustling, Cindy running to fat.  Cindy used to work for a pimp named…what was his name.. Dez...yes.  Udo the Drunk German is walking around. I like Udo.  He looks clean and neat.  You wouldn’t think to look at him that he is a stone alcoholic, and I mean BIG time.  He love the cheapest shit that he can get at the liquor store, and consumes it voraciously.   Meanwhile, my poor Aunt Norma, who never drank a drop, never shot up drugs, etc..has all these problems.  Udo is smart, lucid.  Met him at the local V.A. hospital.  He gets just plastered drunk.. slobbering..his pants falling off.  He has a neat look about him, unlike many of the derelicts around here.

I go down to the asian store for some curry sauce to make with the chicken I thawed.  Then, I see Kissy Chris on the corner standing.  She ain’t never gonna stop.  It is- what it is.  It is- like it is.  Tammy tries to get me to invite her back over for dinner, but I am leery.  These chicks are hustlers.. I get some Patak Curry Sauce. There’s Tomato Cardoman, and Coconut curry canned sauces, on sale buy one get one free.

The children? In this hood people are trying to get RID of their kids.  They fight in the apartments, but can’t get evicted due to residency laws.  Many apartments have this kind of “mexican standoff”.  That’s why I rarely will let anyone stay the night at my crib,  even if I know they are gonna freeze out there.

American families.. American some just DOG EAT DOG stuff.  Old Fred comes up.  He is curing my “black phobia”.  I’m scared of ’em, black dudes.  Maybe they want to rob me or something.   Maybe, they are in the Crips or whatever.

There are the Freds, the Denzel Washingtons, the Obamas..but there are also some dangerous sort of guys.  There are some dangerous mexican dudes in this hood too.  I got stuff for Fred to fix,  he needs money bad, for innocent reasons, and he is clever.  Then, I give him some frozen chicken.  He’s hurting bad for $$, even pawned his computer.  But I like him.  He is humble, reasonable, and clever.  I ain’t no rich guy, but have little time when I get off the road.  Got to rest then get back out there.

Kissy Chris comes over, and I am making some curry.  After some more ju jitsu, she leaves with only $1.. she’s always going to “come back”.  No one in Northeast will even talk to you hardly, unless it’s about money.  Often they are hustling the most pitiful items,  like this morning as I went into the house, a guy is hustling these old bars of soap he found.  I mean for REAL..that is what it is like.  Chris wants to trade some sex so she can have money for drugs.  These chicks are like bums really,  hustlers.  The retirement plan is not too hot.  They will tell you anything, and pretty much DO anything to get that stuff.

I make my curry, contemplating. The Tomato Cardoman is good, but it’s not “hot”.  Even Patak’s “hot” sauces are really mild.  But, they are genuine curry sauce, and easy to make, and taste good.   I recommend that stuff.  It’s pretty good.  Made it with some instant rice.  Decidedly non authentic, but cheap.  The sauce is pretty authentic, but not the instant rice, that is.  That sauce was quite tasty.  Since it is on sale, I am thinking of going back and buying more.  Curry hasn’t caught on in the USA as much as the U.K. and other countries.

These sauces are not available in regular stores.  There are many different curry variants.  It goes especially well with chicken.  It has a kind of bitter taste to it, it is not sweet like bbq sauce.  The snow is falling and it is pretty outside.

I am pissed.  I gave Tammy $25 to clean the kitchen friday, now I need $30 to tow the Honda to LaChispa.  You can’t even let these chicks in the door *groan*.  They’ve all got a sob story about a mile fact several different ones.

Later..I find out that someone..Kissy Chris or someone else..helped themselves to a bunch o my cigs.. in my fridge.  So much for “helping the homeless”.    I go down to Fast Stop to get another carton o’ cigs.. they clerks are talking about this one young woman that came in bloodied up about a hour before me….her whole face a mass of bruises and cuts. Her boyfriend beat the crap out of her.   I see stuff like this all the time.  The whole world is like this really.  People are nuts.   Me and Dave the trucker hear someone empty a clip a few blocks to the south.  It is scary when you hear those gunshots at night. Oh this hood is dangerous.

I ain’t mad at Chris..but I am sick of this hood.. sick of the news media..sick of people in general. There are the drunks.  There are the crack heads.  There are the drunk-crackheads.  Even if she did rip ’em off she has, and will continue to get, a lot of abuse.

The Urban Survival Lesson- Steer clear o’ bad company. Northeast, and life in general, is just full of bad company.  You can NOT help certain people, until they want to help themselves.


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