Man..who writes the “News”?

Many of my friends died before reaching 50. Poor Chris Kuefel did.  Her brother, Mark, had cancer in his nervous system.  Some died way back when from epilepsy.  The guy down at the little hole in the wall restaurant, Mikey the Cook, he commited suicide by hanging himself (over a woman- geez).  Spooky stuff happens all the time.  My fellow truckers sometimes keel over from heart attacks.  Cancer is a god awful disease..but at least when you die, you are free from the IRS.

People are pretty much at one another all the time, getting sick, having accidents.. they lose their lives.  BUT is this on the “news” at Faux 4?  Nope.  Instead it’s all about the color of Tiger Woods’ undershorts.  People fuck around pretty much too.  They are having affairs, etc.  There’s woman beaters, cheaters, and everything else.  Instead the media is making Tiger Woods grovel because he wanted to have sex with someone.  Tiger is buying right into it.. *sobb” “I..apologize”  For what?  Being a man?

I wish Tiger would come out with that middle finger showing at the camera and his tormentors.  I suppose he has to show some remorse, though, or get booted off the golf circuit.  I think people are like little kids.  “Oh I am so sorry for smacking little johnny”…then when mommy ain’t looking..*whap*.  This is a free country- right?  WRONG.  At least Tiger can support his offspring, and give them a good life, which is more than many, many children get in the USA.  This is a funny thing.  None of THESE children, the ones I see eating at the churches all the time because they do not have enough food….well…  I never see them on the “news”.

We are all “free” right?  What if Tiger just said “fuck you”, at his press conference.  Why he’d lose his job. That’s because we are all “free”.  Let me put it this way. Tiger Woods’ wife has more money in her bedroom closet than many of the poor girls around here will EVERY hope ..ever dream of having.  The man didn’t beat her up nor abuse her, this would be a different matter.   The poor women around here are married, and have children by, drug addicts, drunks, and louts.  The same goes for John Edwards wife who is cranking up the tears and hype.  There are far worse men than Tiger Woods and John Edwards, or Bill Clinton.  I didn’t like Bill Clinton’s politics, but I am not concerned at all about his social life.

It’s all about FORM..and not content.  Tonight I explained how the United States got started to Kissy Chrissy.  The Boston Tea party, and people not wanting King George to run their lives.  Chrissy said:  “gee you are smart.”  The Boston Tea Party people..would they be terrorists?  Would the bombing of Salvadore Allende’s government be an act o’ Terrorism?  Would Pinochet tossing people who showed any hint of dissidence out of airplanes..would that be an act of terrorism?   William Calley murdered more women and children at My Lai than Charles Manson did.  It’s about FORM, not content.  The whole world is this way.

The Politicos are always in the “news”.  Hammering away at one’s all about their snotty little egos and nothing to do with the american people that they “serve”.   The world of linguistics, the world that we live in, is all about FORM..not content.  It’s like a hypnosis. At least, that’s what Sara Palin seems about.  She’s an egotist.  I like Ron Paul the best of the republican side.  He’s not even a republican..but whatever he is, I like his ideas.

The same old people, only a handful of people, are always in the “news”.  Sara Palin.  Tiger Woods.  Oprah Winfrey.  John Mayer.  Let’s see.. Brad Pitt.  Angelina Jolie.  Brittany Spears.  Madonna.  Jennife Aniston, Rush Limbaugh,  Donald Trump,  Conan O’Brien, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The “National News” is like a sitcom or TV serial, with the same old people in it, kind of rotating.

I see PLENTY o’ agony..and it’s not the agony of…bulimia.  But people that barely have enough to eat, like old Fred and his wife.  That hospital up in Kansas City is full of cancer patients, heart patients, and the Truman Hospital gunshot wound victims, and other unfortunates with their many medical problems.  Spider bite, brown recluse bite is a common problem here.  These bites are every bit as ghastly as the medical texts depict them. GOD they are nasty.  Shingles seem to be common too.  Syphilis is the number one STD in Kansas City now. Nothin’ about that in the news.  Instead it’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brave battle with bulimia.”

Dave the 73 year old Trucker had his son up in his apartment,  who was recovering from open heart surgery. That is some ghastly, radical stuff.  The wound heals from the inside out.  For a long period of time, you can even see inside the chest cavity.   Even then there is strife, with his son just cursing old Dave one day for “running off with a whore and leaving his momma”.   People that are hard core alcoholics, and never comb their hair and wearing filthy clothes.  People that sleep in the many abandoned houses around here.

I like Kathleen Sebelius.  She seems a steady, sensible hand.  This woman might become one of the best politicians in America.  She was a great governor over in Kansas.  She ain’t ever in the news.  Instead it’s that stupid egomaniac Sara Palin.


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