Urban Neandertals

Yep.  That is what it is like. My family just surviving, but boy, around here there is FAR worse.. FAR worse scenarios.  People that have been locked up again and again.  They are in the “sex,drugs, and rock and roll” category.  I wonder WHY?  They might as well have a sign on them, a scarlet “A”.  They go to jail, then to rehab, then to jail, then to prison.  They will NOT stop.  I lecture people..anyone who will listen to what I have to say about dope, and the demon rum.

You cannot change people.  So it is better to just avoid them, avoid what you don’t want, and work on yourself.

Their activities DO cause a problem.  They are rowdy, prostituting, doping, fighting and I mean terrible fights.  Shootings, but it is calming down.  The cops are locking them up finally.  I don’t know how they are faring, but it is more peaceful around here without them.  The “dope tax” is their constant search for money,  health problems, and crime associated with the drug trade.

Well, the local dopers are still around, but we have run them off by complaining to the cops.  Just saying no to them no matter how they plea, and the drug addicts will do anything to get the money they need.  Saying they are looking for a job, gonna go straight blah blah.. just loan them a little money.

We are NOT living in a free country.  It is not free, not at all.  I don’t know why this is so, but it is a fact.  Look at Tiger Woods.  Is he “free”?  You’ll lose your shirt in a new york minute.  I am still thankful though, it is all right.  I have nice food to eat, a bed to sleep in, a job to go to that I like, and clothes.  It is relatively peaceful, if I avoid certain people and situations.

The political parties are making noises now.  The republicans are ranting, but the Bush administration, Nixon, and Ronald Reagan were quite into repression and persecution.   I do not think the republicans are the part of “freedom”.  This is what they promised, but it was more like, “freedom” for themselves. The Tax blitzkrieg got me worried boy.  I do not even like Bill Clinton.  Not because of the girls, but because of NAFTA.

There is a supernatural sort of..feel to life.  Who knows why things happen?  I do not think anyone knows.


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