The Punch Drunk American People

That is what America is like.. People are just punch drunk. I like these cop novels, not that I would want to be one myself.  If it isn’t drugs, it is people ripping one another off.  The politicos are driving me so crazy that I just do not read the news anymore.

Nope.  No news for me, just the weather. I like it out on the road.  I have one vote and I cast it at each election.  You can get in a lot of trouble, very fast here.  It seems to be getting worse, actually.

I am like a.. glider that is trying to steer for a safe place, and not get caught up in the rocks.  Like a kite.  I see what happens to people that try to live like a movie star.. like..”balls out”.  Man- they get ’em chopped off!  Like these poor girls around here.   The quote, “..took a wrong turn and I just kept goin’.. ”  sums some poor people up.   Money, food, warmth and comfort are good to have.  There is nothing better than a fine book, or a video.

America is very- existentialist.  Very- film noir.  That is what it is like living here.  Like these crazy people bumping into each other.  People seem to love ripping one another’s guts out.  Hypocrisy is the sport of choice. It should be America’s favorite pastime besides football.  If America is what one big family is about, then I’d rather be a orphan.  I suppose it is the same the world over.

I eat at Northeast’s “Super Pollo” tonight and it was quite a decent meal.. loved the salsa, and it compares to the restaurants down in Texas.   Super Pollo doesn’t seem to be made over charcoil, but over a gas grill..but who cares? That salsa is nice.  It was a fine supper.

Old Fred comes around, and has a new battery post for my car.. so I give him $5 extra to put it on.  That’s a good deal.   Everyone I know has their back just up against it, some of my family with enormous problems.  My Aunt has cancer in her spine, she’s stage 4.  Brother just got a new job, and has the IRS just ALL over his ass.

There has been plenty of crime in american life, at least for us.   I’ve had two cars stolen, one was stolen actually twice.  My apartment got burglarized once,  my RV got looted and the generator torn out of it.  There is violent crime also, and people get beat up,  especially the prostitutes around here.  Sheesh these even get killed.  Does the “Blue Knight” give a shit?  I don’t think so.  The “Blue Knight” has his hand sticking out for money just like everyone else.  So I link Joseph Wambaugh is charming, but a little lame.

If ya get robbed here the cops just say.. “don’t you have insurance?”. It infuriates me that you have to pay $10 to get the report…and what’s more.. when they DO find the vehicle..if they do..then YOU have to pay storage fees to get it back. These are often more than the cars are worth.  That’s the way it is in Kansas City.  Or should I say.. “Kansas Shitty”.

The reality is more like James Lee Burke’s books. The cops don’t give a damn about nothin’.  In James Lee Burke’s world many of them are even on the “pad”.   This could be right as I notice the local prostitutes.  They have been out there for as long as I’ve lived around here.  About 8 years now.  Some of these women have prostituting for as long as 20 years.  That’s all they’ve ever done.  Their chicken manure laws are regarded universally as what they are, chicken manure.  Parking tickets, etc.  People are not happy with the Police around here.

I guess they haven’t evolved, to where they can scam the government like George Bush and his family do.  It’s like a strange hypnosis, the way a snake charms a rabbit.


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