Great Audiobooks

This trip out has been great.   I listen to audiobooks by Chris Ryan,  Joseph Wambaugh,  and Robert Howard’s “Conan”.   I listened to “Hollywood Moon” by Joseph Wambaugh.  VERY good.  Very good stuff indeed.

It is great to be out of range of the worst parts of civilization.  Just great.  Hollywood Moon was one of the finest listens I’ve had in quite a while..start to finish.  Joseph Wambaugh is very entertaining.  His stories woven together well.    He’s got a great style, which reminds me of “Hill Street Blues”.  A plot that weaves together, and sub stories.  He’s not as great at description as James Lee Burke, and not quite as exhaustive in his history, but the books flow along smoothly.   It’s good stuff and reminds me of the street at home.  Actually,  James Lee Burke’s books remind me of the street around here.  This is why I like these two guys the best.

I like being a trucker.. it is not too bad a way to make a living, compared to what I see around me.  It was beautiful coming up through Kansas today on the I-35.  I like going to different cities.  This week I went down to Laredo,TX..Dallas, TX..then back home to Kansas City.

The Joseph Wambaugh novels strike home so much about life in the inner city, life in America actually.  “Everybody lies”, one cop tells the other one.  The novels are woven together skillfully, and he uses a good narrator to read his books.  However,  Wambaugh’s bias in favor of the cops is a little blatant.   They never make a mistake.  Their characters are one dimensionally good.  At least one policeman is slain in each novel.

James Lee Burke’s sound boring with Mark Hamer reading them.  Mr. Hamer acts like he is bored half of the time…tired of reading the text.  Will Patton was a MUCH better narrator.

Chris Ryan’s books seem very good.  The main character is a SAS man.   They are military novels, but I like the realism about them.  The characters are not superhuman.


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