Late Night Mexican Food in Northeast

I come home late last in.  It was midnight, and I wanted some grub. So I .. went out and my favorite “Hidalgo” the Mexican Lunch truck was even closed.  BUT.. I find that Taco Leone has a all night stand St. John and Wilson Road.. near the old Sears Building that is now a Flea Market.

They serve these “Al Pastor” tacos there.  I think this is what they are called, with Cilantro, Cebollas and some of this marinated flank steak on soft corn tortillas.  These are just great, the marinated meat very good.  Just like Juarez!  Hidalgo even has some chiles rellenos, Juarez style, which are cooked in a skillet or on the grill, not baked like most Mexican restaurants around here.  Muy Bien!


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