McDonald’s WiFi- I Like

Many McDonalds have free WiFi, I really appreciate this. I am at the one now at Exit 4 in Indianapolis, on I 465.   Across the street, across from the Pilot there is this one notorious bar.  These chicks in there are real animals and the women fight all the time.  Many women are quite warlike, and will fight at the drop of a hat.  I mean..they wipe up the bar with one another.

Real.. ridge runners.   I eat at McDonalds often on the road,  I really like the cappucino and just the plain McDonalds coffee…I think its the best out here in general.  I do NOT think Pilot coffee is the best..not at all.

I listened to John Saul’s “Black Lightening”..and Patricia Cornwell’s “Post Mortem”. Pretty good serial killer yarns, but they are not as good writers as my favorite,  James Lee Burke.  Not one writer is in his league.  I am listening now to Joseph  Wambaugh’s “Hollywood Station”. Fairly good.  But these books have the depth of a sitcom on a TV network.   Eh they keep me awake.

“Hollywood Station” is really good. This story reminds me of a “Hill Street Blues” episode, with many plots going on at once, and the stories are all realistic and good.  There is a lot going on, and I am quite enjoying this one, which I have almost finished.  It is a good ten hours, gets me 500 miles down the road.  Joseph Wambaugh’s style is witty and fast paced.  I am liking Mr. Wambaugh’s stories.  He’s not a elaborate descriptor, like James Lee Burke.. but there is enough depth..enough realism..they are believable.

A winter storm this weekend uh oh.  Gotta get home to KC from Indianapolis..but what the heck…sure beats bein’ home with those nut jobs all over the place.  I gotta beat feet for Kansas Shitty..gotta leave early.

John Saul’s are like ..horror.. “first he rips one eye out..then he rips out the other eye..’cos he’s possessed by Beelzebub”.

You know, it’s hard to say what writer is the best.  They are, well they are themselves.  It’s amazing what people can do with that english language.  I like Anne Perry, but she could use a lesson from James Lee Burke, or others in detail, depth, and description.


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