It is, what it is

It is hard to love your situation. I listen to lots of books by spiritualists like Dick Sutphen,  Stuart Wilde,  Rhonda Byrne.  My fav one is Rhonda Byrne right now.  To be grateful- just to be in the ball game at all.  It is quite miraculous you know.  To have this human body.  To eat.

Dick Sutphen’s books are about Zen and acceptance of what is.

There is a lot of pain in this hood, and I tithe part of my money out.  I hire old Fred, for instance.  That is what money is for.  Money gives life to this world, it makes things happen.  Nothing happens without money.  Perhaps, the more gratitude you have, the more you attract.  I mean REAL gratitude.  Not just.. suck ass, take the money and split, or give shitty service.  I listen to lots of books by Mary Ann Williamson and others.  I really like them.  They help me feel more peaceful, and less fearful.

Each moment is like a little blank slate.  The “Secret” mentions this.  We literally create, what we are percieving.  Despite the run down hood.. despite all the crap..there often seems like something magical is happening, by just being alive.  Northeast is raucous as a crow, but still I like it.  I enjoy the diversity, heh.. especially the FOOD!  There is even a Somalian place in town.  I dont like it as good as the mexican, but it’s something different.  Boy everybody and his brother seems to want to open a restaurant.


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