The Abandoned Houses

There are numerous abandoned houses here in Northeast, and elsewhere across Kansas City. They are sitting there, with taxes owed on them.  I looked at them and got a list, hot on this idea.  Another SCAM FOR THE WEALTHY.

Missouri is not a “deed” state.  So what real estate “investors” do is just snap up this ghetto property and just SIT ON IT.  Even if you won it at the auction they got three years to get it back from you, at the most nominal interest rate.  Banks know about these auctions too.  So there you have it..

These rich bastards just sit on the property and let it rot and rot.  No one gives a shit about this hood.  However, at ONE was a wonderful place.  Many of the white elephant houses here could not be built for less than a million dollars today.  Made out of stone and brick, with tile roofs, servants quarters and everything else.

There used to be a “dollar house” program for the poor in Kansas City.  Good program.  You could buy a derelict for $1 if you met certain criteria, as long as you fixed it up.  They did away with that.  Just like they did away with my Vietnam Era G.I. Bill.   Crack dealers move their little hideouts in these houses sometimes.

Cargill owned one such house up by Prospect and Independence Ave.  They just sit on it.. and ignore the taxes.  The inner city is full of such boarded up places.

That’s because Matt Blunt made Missouri (which we call ‘Misery’) a slave state.  His idea of a “great” America is to let the rich just butt fuck the poor into oblivion..until they are at the last.. and Northeast is a repository.  Down by the river they had a homeless encampment one year.  There were over 300 people living down there.


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