Odd Job Fred

Old Fred Childress live in my building. He lost his car.  What happened?  He couldn’t afford tags on his goddam car and got a bunch of tickets on it. He also can’t afford a hernia operation..you can hear that thing squishing around on his stomach.

Anyways..he do a good job for $20 bill.  Cleaned up my batteries on my Trooper and my Honda.. both very old cars…both of them 1987 $500 jobs.  He’s an old black dude, which is significant around here.  Many of these black dudes around here are untrustworthy gang bangers or shysters.  But then.. many of the mexican and white dudes around here are untrustworthy shysters and gang bangers.  Rip offs.  Old Dave the trucker across the hall is always loaning out money..and getting burned.  Usually by females.  When will he learn?

Anyways.. Poor FRED!  Jeez..the PAIN that people go through!  George Bush never had a goddam hernia from unloading trucks, nor any of these problems.  I shouldn’t mean this as..this venom..and hatred.. but his lack of awareness and sensitivity.

One thing a matter of pride with me.  That’s getting a cheap, $500 car and making it run, making it last.  That Honda was such a deal..$500.  The poor around here routinely get $500 cars, even $200 jobs and keep ’em running.  I am not talking about re engineering them.  Just fixing the little things..and keeping them going.   Hmm.. others are always asking me where I get them.  Craigs list.  One mexican dude I know, old Sal.. man that guy is a SHARK for old cars he can buy cheap.   He just asks around, and notices what is sitting around.  He got a Ford Probe for cheap..like $200 and it had less than 100k miles on it.  He’s always finding them.  He don’t care how beat up they are..as long as they run.  He was always driving around a car with the front end all crumpled up.  LOL.  He would run them things into the ground delivering pizzas in ’em!

Old Sal really knew the way the land lay in this hood. He had little connections EVERYWHERE.  He’d get all the old pizzas at the pizza hut I worked at and take them home.  His cleanup business, which he pulled this shitty old trailer around, man he’d find real bargains.  Man HE ought to be writing a “urban survival” page, but he don’t know nothing about computers.

Likewise Kissy Chrissy.  These ho’s really know who’s doing what, and what happened to who.  Angela, for example, goes and sits with this one poor fellow, who had a liver transplant.  Then, the transplant medicine for rejection made his kidneys fail the poor man.  These chicks know what is happening on the ground around here.   Angela is a real God squadder but she’s so phoney people get tired of her quickly.  She’s a god squadder, but also a drug addict and drunk, and always looking for money.  But that is this whole ‘hood.  M-O-N-E-Y.

As I write this, food is on my mind as usual.  Arm roasts on sale at Price chopper and Apple Market too, and I put some arm roast in the crock pot with baby carrots, 1/2 pack Knorr French Onion Soup mix, and Garlic Mushroom Campbell’s soup and some wa wa.  The reason I mention the brands is ‘cos this is a special feast.  The Name brand soup and soup mix really make a difference in this dish.  It’s a great way to make roast.

Later, I talk to Fred some more.  The man quite intelligent.  Knows things about computers, pretty good.  Too poor to have his internet connection shit people are hurting and there are all sorts of scenarios around here.  Just every scenario you can imagine with people.

These hustlers around here are often very smart, very aware.  Life is ONE LONG LESSON.. in Humility. There is the thinnest, thinnest line between your situation, and the person’s you are percieving.  There seems to be madness everywhere, as people deal with their situations..but ain’t it grand?  The furnace comes on and I eat my roast beef.  Yummy!  Who knows what is going to happen?  I feel grateful for the comfort that I have right now.


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