Northeast Kansas City, Jan. 29 2010

I get back home from the road.  Freezing up in Iowa.. lots of cars off the road. It was slick coming into Kansas City with 3-4 cars off the road in the space of a mile up south of Kearny on I-35.

I have a Wally Mart package, a new coffee maker.  I’ll wager George Bush or Bill Clinton never worked their balls off for a coffee maker.  I cruise down to the east end of Northeast..down Independence Avenue and wind up eating at a little mexican food truck called “Hidalgo” down at St. John Street.  Man.. I like THESE mexican dudes.  I get three tacos for $4.. these are the soft ones with Cilantro just like down in Juarez.  The BOMB with savory steak, good green salsa and soft corn tortillas.  Jummy!  These are the real good as you can get across the border.  Wish there was a Pollo Loco around here.  These are great.  I give Pollo Loco the thumbs up over Regio Pollo (down in Dallas).   Still Regio Pollo is GOOD.   The real deal. I’ll take that Pollo over any can of beer, or whatever drug they are brewing up in the kitchen sink, or the Utopian Pharmaceutical companies.   A half a chicken, salsa, tortillas and a coke make some pleasant company.

Down the street there are some prostitutes.. I counted maybe 1, 2, 3, 4 out there in the space of 1/2 mile.  Some I know.  Out at Fast Stop that is their STONE hangout.  They are ALWAYS at Indiana and Independence Avenue.  Even in this bitter cold.  My body reeks.  Four days without a shower.  I take a hot, wonderful bath.

The truck gets nasty after just running and running out there.  The cold causing lots of problems.  The road in places is like a skating rink.  Then you have to worry about the fuel gelling up on you.  The company I work for treats the drivers like dogs.  Most companies do, but the last job I had, at OX ..that was a great job.  They treated people well, until Universal An Cam (a canadian company) took ’em over.  Then, they started treating the drivers like shit.

It is hard to find a GOOD trucking job.  A good company. That local job I had was great.  You won’t get rich, but they treated me well.   The company I work for now is the typical, penny pinching, bureaucratic, suck ass, baloney.  I will tell people- do not do this job, trucking, unless you absolutely have no money.  That’s what it is for me.  The turnover in the industry is still high.  Many people do not last 6 months out there, until they turn to something else.  It is o.k. for a while, but it is just week after week with no letup.  I used to stay out for weeks at a time.


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